Proposal for SaigonTech Online Training System

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DATE SUBMITTED: August 11, 2003


This project proposes to develop a web-service application for Saigon Institute of Information Technology (SaigonTech). As the need for learning increases day by day, establishing an Online Training Center is extremely significant. An Online Training Service not only provides trainees necessary skills for their job but also offers them great conveniences.

As SaigonTech needs an Online Training System that includes a project design, cost analysis, and administration and maintenance plan, we -excellent students of SaigonTech- are very eager to perform this project. The project will be completed before February 13, 2004.

Project description

At the present time, Vietnamese people are not familiar with Online Services. Therefore, establishing any kind of Online Service is a considerable and significant job. Although the need for learning has increased very fast recently, many people do not have time to go to schools or training centers. Some of them are busy with their jobs while the others are afraid of going out because of heavy traffic, old age, inconvenience, etc.

An Online Training System, therefore, would be extremely necessary and useful. After registering for courses, trainees will be able to enjoy the lessons from anywhere and whenever they have time. All new lessons will be updated and saved in a forum weekly so that they can get them easily. In addition to the essential materials, learners can also take advantage of online library as well as other resources on the Internet for their study. The Training Center also offers trainees a certificate if they can pass an online examination at the end of each course.

In considering the advantages of an Online Training System, I'd like to analyze them in both trainees' and managers' side:

From trainees' side, this Online Training System can offer the following advantages:

·Offer great...