Propose modifications to the social environment to facilitate the satisfaction of the elderly's needs.

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An elderly person's needs include: access to services, education, employment, financial support, health, housing, security and safety, self esteem and sense of identity.

Access to resources is a big issue for the aged population. Some main problems which affect elderly accessing resources are: having a disability, their education level, where they live, their ethnicity or culture, their gender and their socio economic status.

Often the aged have difficulties accessing resources because the have a disability and can't leave their home and so find it hard to socialise. Meals on Wheels or a carer would help them to access resources such as food and medical treatment but would also provide someone to socialise with hence increasing wellbeing.

Some aged people may need education in areas such as computers and the internet as these weren't around when they were younger or they might just like to keep learning for their own satisfaction.

Either way it is important for the elderly to be learning new skills to maintain their employability if they are still working or to just keep their mind stimulated.

Elderly people can join adult education and training programs at such places as TAFE or university. Through doing these courses they won't only be learning new skills they will have a chance to socialise with other adults which will enhance their wellbeing.

Many elderly people support themselves financially through superannuation, wages or other investments. For those elderly who can't support themselves there are financial supports from the government available through Centrelink. It is important for elderly people to be financially stable as they may have such things as medical bills to pay for.

An elderly individual could obtain part time or casual work so they can receive an income to help support themselves financially and at the same time fulfilling their...