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Pros and Cons of Bequeathal         Bequeathal is the act of donating ones entire body to a medical school for scientific research. When this form of final disposition is selected, the deceased is usually transferred by the funeral home to the destination of choice by the family.

        Some cons about bequeathal are that people outside of family are not allowed to see because a public open casket visitation is not possible because the funeral home is not allowed to embalm the body. Therefore only a brief private viewing prior to the transfer is allowed to family. A memorial service in a church or chapel is normally chosen instead. Another con about bequeathal is that the body never gets buried, so you cant ever go and visit a tombstone and chow your condolences, but you may be able to go to a wall and visit if you choose to put them on the wall.

        Pros about bequeathal are that it helps the medical field advance in some way or another by helping students become doctors. Cadavers help test cars for safer road driving and they help the willing become more familiar with the human body, to perform surgical procedures. When a body is donated, it’s not a total loss to the family as far as funeral purposes go. Most medical schools keep the body for up to a year, sometimes longer, for studies. When research has been completed, remains are cremated and then given to a close family member to either dispose or keep at home in a specially selected urn. Some schools require a pre-register for a potential donor, meaning that the person that is deceased has had to of signed an agreement saying that it is ok to be used for medical purposes. If you believe you may or may not want to be a potential donor, you should get more information because once you are deceased you could change someone’s life, or maybe even the world.