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People usually go to High Street for shopping in their leisure time, because the shops there offer them various selections. With the popularisation of Internet, consumers only need stay at home, get connected, and click the mouse, and then they can get a lot of information about merchandises. As a result, the way that consumers' pursuit the latest news will become more diversified. Now they are not only enabled to select all kinds of products at the same time, but also can save energy and time to do other jobs. As our life going busier and faster, this newly developed way of shopping is warmly accepted by people in an amazing speed.

Over the next decade sales through television and the Internet will grow by upwards of 30 percent per annum. Technological improvements, lower equipment costs, a wider choice of products and an increasing computer-literate population will all help to boost the online retail market in the UK to at least 21 billion a year.

We will have an online High Street in the very near future!


*Retailers are perhaps the most important types of intermediary, situated at the point of direct contact with customers.

The retailing sector is huge, representing over $2,200 billion a year in revenues in the US alone (approximately 30% of gross domestic product) and employing about 25 million people in that country. It is estimated that retailing account for about $7,000 billion in annual revenues for the world. (Anon 1996)

*Retailing actually has contributed a lot to people, but over its long history, its function has been changed.

And today, it is going through another round of changes; it changes an industrial economy based on physical assets, factories, roads and heavy equipment to a new economy built on...