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Prostitution: Respectable or Disrespectable Different people tend to take on different occupations based on their wants and needs in life. Prostitution, to many people, might appear to be the worst of them all, but what people in general need to realize is that there are certain reasons why certain women either choose to be or are undesirably forced into this profession. Many women affiliated with the act of prostitution are usually from poor families, most likely cannot support their own families, or unfortunately because of certain problems that have forced them to obtain this particular profession. Why is it that prostitution is not legalized in all fifty states of our United States of America, instead of only in Nevada and Amsterdam? Should the law be changed? Does it deserve to be? To many people prostitution might seem like an immoral manner to earn money, but if looked at in a larger perspective, people view prostitution as being immoral because women sell their bodies, for merely nothing.

But what about those who sell their souls in order to earn more money onto their usual income? This kind of money-making agenda is seen all over the world as a way for people to obtain bribes and in return do other's work either easier, better, or more efficiently than what it would have turned out to be if committed legally or morally. Generally, society has a tendency of pointing out flaws in everything that does not follow the norms of what is expected by the society itself. People in our world today obtain many different types of occupations not because they feel obligated to, but truly because they want to do what is right and correct, like helping those who are in need or who cannot pay for the basic necessities of...