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What are prostitutes ? Where are they ? Why do they sell themselves ? Why do we react the way we do when we hear the word prostitute? These are just a few of the questions you may find the answers to when you read this essay. Everyone reacts in different ways when they hear the word prostitute. Most people believe that a prostitute is the same kind of women we see in the moves. Although some of the time this is true it is not always . Mostly people see prostitutes as broken down junkies living off of their fee for sexual acts , but most women and or men who have become prostitutes have done it for a much larger scale reason that most of us would not be able to understand. Some left their own countries to escape the harshness of their cruel society but found no other opportunity for their life's improvement so they had to result to prostitution to feed themselves and or their own family.

Some prostitutes come from as far away as Russia and range right down into our own backyard.

[A] (1)laws of prostitution legal/illegal (2)Groups and affiliations of prostitutes (3) Feminist groups opposing prostitution [B] (1) Facts of prostitution (2) Meetings involving the press and "COYOTE" (3) Legal documentation of prostitutes (4) Statistics in the world and our country (5) Peoples reactions [C] I have a few different thoughts about prostitution that you may find throughout the essay. My main thoughts deal with the rights of the prostitute and the effects laws have on them. I feel for both sides of the argument in separate cases. But there should be some legal decisions people should make to help their own community.