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If you want to buy the most advanced computers, it costs more than you think. Since computer prices drop every day, even the latest computer will become obsolete and overpriced within a few weeks. There are several ways that can save you money on buying computers, such as, buying refurbished computers, buying floor models and returns, online auctions, government auctions, buying recycled computers, or building it yourself. Almost everyone will buy a printer after they buy a computer. Although a laser printer may costs more than the inkjet printer, the cost to print pages on a laser printer is much less than printing on an inkjet printer. After we have done with the hardware, we need the software and the operating systems to make the computer run. Many computers come bundled with an operating system, but if you build your own computer or buy a used computer, you may still need an operating system.

Buying a full version of Windows XP is an expensive choice, so if you can find an old copy of Windows 98 or Windows ME, you can just buy the upgrade version of Windows XP and save money. For other software, you can just use the shareware and freeware, or buying the software at an academic discount by using your student ID, or use an older version of the programs, or pirating software, or crack the software.

After we got the computer, we will store information in it. However, some data that we store in it is personal and private, or sometimes sensitive or confidential secrets. Besides blocking physical access to our computers, we can password-protect our data, encrypt them, or hide them and hope no one knows where to find it, or even combine several of these methods and we can make access to our...