Protection of maternity (Legal notice 439, 2003), Urgent family leave (Legal Notice 296, 2003), Parental leave (Legal notice 225, 2003)

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The employment and Industrial Relations Act and subsidiary legislation such as protection of maternity (Legal notice 439, 2003), (long)urgent family leave (Legal Notice 296, 2003), (short and sweet)parental leave (Legal notice 225, 2003)are considered as family friendly measures. Comment from both an employees' and an employers' perspective.

Protection of maternity: (Legal Notice 439,2003)The measures are there to help retain women post maternity as before there were no incentives to retain women. By the introduction of protection of maternity, women are operating in a more flexible workplace and also have a higher retention rate of women, post-maternity leave.

In today's world women in need flexibility to juggle the continuingly blurred line of work and family life in order to retain their jobs and continue to actively participate in the workforce.

Employers PerspectiveDisadvantages for the employerThere are many challenges that an employer could face by implementing a program such as this.

•There could be inertia to change and subsequent division in the labour force if women are entitled to more flexible working hours.

•Males could feel hard done by and may discriminate or harass female employees that take advantage of the new policies.

•As an HR practitioner and as a company who abides by the law, one would make sure that EVERY employee is entitled to take advantage of the new family orientated workplace and that not only mothers but fathers as well can make their work more flexible if they are needed by their family.

•Another challenge that could arise is family could be taking up too much time and the employee may be under productive.

In closure, many varied problems could arise that an effective HR practitioner will have to deal with and the only way to deal with issues so close to home and family is with...