Protestant Visions Of America

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Protestant Visions of America Parker Bunbury ATL 150 Section 004 INTRO Protestants saw in America a dream, and they came here in hopes of making that dream of an idealist society under God come true. Three very influential Protestants from various stages of the religions evolution and resettlement to the United States are John Winthrop, Jonathan Edwards, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. These men are largely the reason that today the dream of religious freedom has come true. These men all share a common view. Righteousness is attained, not given, and it is attained through loyalty and diligence towards the Lord, and the faith. Those who put forth the most effort and strive to please the Lord shall become righteous, and will receive salvation.

As defined in Webster's Dictionary: "Any Christian belonging to a sect or denomination descending from those who seceded from the Roman Catholic Church at the time of the Reformation."

Meaning anyone who was opposed to the views of the catholic church and around 1529 broke away from the church developing there own sect of the Christian religion.

JOHN WINTHROP Life: John Winthrop was born in Suffolk, England in 1558. As a child he was educated by a private tutor, and then at the age of fourteen he was enrolled in the Trinity College in Cambridge. He married Mary Worth at the age of 17, and was a father just after his eighteenth birthday. He and Mary had six children in ten years, and then Mary suddenly died. John was married two more times, and his third wife Margaret proved to be his soul mate. In his early thirties John began to study law and he became over taken by the Puritan ideals. In 1629 he was elected governor of the Massachusetts Bay Company, and arrangements...