To Prove~ That Harry Potter, In spite of accusations aimed against it, has a positive influence on children

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Harry Potter

Harry Potter is a fictional character. Fiction allows children to expand their mind through different images, thoughts, and ideas. These characteristics permit children to look at the "real" world in different ways. Harry Potter is about a boy whose parents died while he was a baby. The evil Lord Voldemort killed them. Harry was given to his maternal aunt's family, the Dursleys. The Dursleys were selfish and did not care for Harry. They also did not agree with the magical world that he came from. The Dursleys are powerless against holding him back from his destiny, and Harry only managed to survive with the lightning bolt-shaped scar on his forehead. There are many references to magic in this story. This paper is to prove that Harry Potter, in spite of accusations aimed against it, has a positive influence on children.

The Christian and Protestant belief is that Harry Potter glorifies sorcery, magic, and Satanism.

And that the morals taught in Harry Potter, contradict the teachings of the church. Indeed, Harry Potter uses references to magic many times within the story, none of these references imply to go and try the "magic." The child has to use his own judgment when using/trying "magic." This judgment has to have been taught by the parents. It is the parent's responsibility to provide their child with the morals and teachings of the church. (Denton 28)

Morals are the teachings of not only the Church but of the teachings of the parents. If the parents do not want their children to learn about an innocent, orphan, young boy, who is neglected by his aunt and uncle, and survives life in a wizard school; then fine do not have the child read the book. But remember if a child really wants to know...