Provides basic info on controversy over illegal immigrants coming from Mexico.

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The American Aliens

Immigration to America has been around for hundreds of years from all parts of the world. In the past, if one could afford the trip, he/she was allowed to enter the United States, but now it is not so easy. Due to the vast amount of time and effort it takes to acquire a visa, many foreigners find it easier to illegally cross the border. Each year, hundreds of thousands of Mexicans cross the border, which causes a sensitive controversy in which a person needs to understand the many different views on this subject.

Many Mexicans feel as if they have no other options than to cross illegally. In Mexico, many live in poverty and struggle to survive on farms (Cothran 69). Millions of people apply for a visa, yet the U.S. government only allows a specific number to enter each year (Cothran 31). Only 50,000 visas are given away each year (Dixon 63).

They are given away in a Green Card Lottery and for those who apply and are accepted. Although, certain countries are excluded from the Green Card Lottery due to current situations. Ironically, Mexico has been excluded many times (Dixon 64). Therefore Mexicans have to apply, and since each year millions of people apply, there chances of getting a visa are slim (Dixon 64).

Crossing the border is a very difficult and dangerous journey. First, a family would save money for years to make this journey, then they would sell their land and material items (Aliens 27). They would hire a coyote, which was a guide, who would lead the way over these dangerous areas for usually a hundred dollar fee (Aliens 23). Then they would walk slowly at night, to avoid the patrol, and the only thing blocking the border is a...