Proving The Existence Of God

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Proving the Existence of God In logic, for every effect there is a cause. God is the original cause. "Nothing from Nothing Leaves Nothing" is a song title from the "˜60s that can sum up a point of view that everything was created from something. The architect of that something is a Supreme Being behind all creation that we call God whom we believe to be infinite. Life and all its forms and the universe originated from something. Every visible and invisible thing in the universe is finite, that it has a limited time to exist and through birth to continue itself as another entity like its parent or through evolution something similar to its forebears.

Life is limited because it is continued within plants and animals and dies after a time but it is reconstituted when new living things are replenished or born. Non-living things like mountains and oceans erode or dry up.

These things may take millions of years to disappear but they eventually perish. New hills become mountains and new streams become oceans over time. The stars and the moons while lasting longer than most things that humans can imagine also fade or disintegrate. New stars or novae and other celestial bodies become apparent. No entity in the universe exists by its own essence or nature. In other words, nothing in it is eternal or everlasting. It is dependent upon something other than itself to be. It is then logical to suppose that in order to perpetuate themselves, things or bodies in the universe must come ultimately from something that is eternal, that something being the Creator, or God.