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Following a unit on the book A Vindication of the Rights of Women, by Mary Wollstonecraft, students in a twelfth grade English class will research the reasons that lead hundreds of thousands of American women into lives of prostitution, oppression, and patriarchal domination despite overt appearances of gender equality and upward vocational mobility. Students will work in groups, each investigating an area of possible causation such as economic stratification, familial disunity, abuse, drug use, etc. Information will be compiled from myriad sources including books, internet resources, documentaries, and interviews with police, human rights advocates, and possibly city officials. Students will then analyze and synthesize the informational aggregate, attempting to ascertain primary, secondary, and tertiary causation and hypothesize about the actions that can be taken to ameliorate or solve the problems that precipitate sexual deviance, social stigmatization, de facto bondage, and personal suffering.


After investigating prostitution and its manifold causes, students in a twelfth grade English class will be able to analyze and synthesize the information to determine primary, secondary, and tertiary causation and hypothesize about actions that might ameliorate the problems that lead to prostitution which, in turn, will be a step towards eradicating prostitution (at least decreasing its frequency).

Students will understand that most problems, like prostitution, do not exist in a vacuum and must be analyzed carefully, divergently, and comprehensively to find the best solution.


Students will be able to identify causal influences of prostitution and cite whether they are primary, secondary, or tertiary causes.


Students from different subgroups will be able interpret information, compare that information, and work together to classify that information according to relevance and statistical significance.


Students will be able to demonstrate an ability to conflate copious and often disparate information and then construct a group paper...