Pseudonymity, a short story.

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PART I : A French Exchange StudentYear 11 will be the most exciting year of my life. Last year, Madame Rassiere organised a foreign exchange student from France to visit Australia. Apparently our French teacher has an old friend from Toulouse whose nephew is in my year. I thought it was a brilliant idea because I love the French and it would be a good experience. Madame said only one member of her three Year 11 classes will get to host this exchange student. Amazingly, I was the only one interested.

After class one day, Madame Rassiere told me the good news.

"Stephanie, I have asked all my students in your year if any of them were interested in participating in this special event, and not one hand went up.""Does that mean…""Yes.""YES!" I cheered.

"Now, it's only fair that I give you some information about him before you spread the news."So

the teacher gave me a large envelope filled with forms and information to fill out and read through. The information was mainly about the French exchange student.

His name is Jean-Claude.

PART II : The French Exchange StudentWednesday April 2, 2006.

Jean-Claude arrived today! I was so excited I forgot to change out of my pyjamas to meet him! Although, his appearance surprised me, he didn't look like the person in the photo I received. But I didn't realise at the time. I was allowed to stay home today to help Jean-Claude get settled in for the next three weeks. I also noticed how he doesn't respond to his name sometimes. At least, it takes a while for him to reply. But I guess it's just jetlag, and it will wear off in the next day or so. Jean-Claude knows a lot of English for a French-born person;...