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Job Redesign and Workplace Rewards Assessment PaperAccording to the Business Dictionary, an employee is "an individual who works part time or full time under a contract of employment, whether oral or written, express or implied, and has recognized rights and duties. Also called a worker" (2008). To classify employee position, "job analysts needs to collect information and then develop a job description. This is a way of determining the employee's work, training needs, and compensation" (, 2008). Job analysis allows also describing organization's structure and its goals, tasks and skills required to achieve those goals. This paper will discuss the position of a passenger service agent and it will concentrate on:1.current tasks and responsibilities of the passenger service's wide's goals with regard to this positionTasks and Responsibilities of the Passenger Service AgentThe passenger service agents act as hosts or hostesses and are highly visible and helpful to the public" (,

2008). Passenger Service Agents are employed by airlines generally to deal with passenger and advise them about flight departures and arrivals, to make sure that passengers board the correct flight, check passengers in, assign seat numbers, examine passports and visas, issue boarding passes and bag tags, and assist in all areas of passenger services including operations and control of the flight. They also have to weigh the baggage and take payments if they are any excess charges. Passenger service agents may also escort passengers to and from the aircraft and take special care for the elderly passengers known as MASS and unaccompanied children known as UMs. They are also there to comfort and reassure passengers that are feeling nervous or anxious about the flight. The author is a passenger service agent and she fulfills all the requirements for this position. She enjoys working with people, has strong...