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Tomorrow When I Wake Up"¦.

Introduction In my study I conducted a survey of five female and five male adults ranging in age of 60 to 65 to see how they viewed life as the other sex and what their day would be like for them. I chose people from different regions to see if space and their social upbringing had any impact on the difference of their answers. Since the "gender label includes the characteristics that the culture ascribes to each sex and the sex-related characteristics that individuals assign to themselves"� (Brannon, 2002, p12). I predicted that the older generation's view of what the opposite sex's role consists of would be described significantly different from their own role regardless of the era in which they lived. I predict there will the same generalized findings across the sample. Since psychologists agree that sex and gender are hard to separate I chose the older generation to see if any of the feminist or men's movement beliefs would be expressed in their view of the opposite sex (Minor-Evans, 2002).

Methods For my study I chose two couples that had never been divorced, age 62 to 64 who had been raised and still lived in a small rural community. I chose two couples, never divorced, which had been raised and lived in a large metropolitan area, age 63 to 65. For my last couple I chose a female, age 63, that had been widowed and moved from a small rural community to a semi-large metropolitan area and a male, age 60, who had been divorced three times and lived in a small community and both were currently living alone. I asked each of them separately, without anyone present to "describe how their day would be different if they woke up as the opposite...