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Psychology is known to have its existence as far back as Greco-Roman times. It is the systematic research of the mental processes and behavior involving the relationship between the physical and the abstract parts of a person (Britannica, Such a part is the Personality of humans. Their surrounding environments shape Personalities differently. People have different Personalities because of their past and present surroundings that constantly influence the making of each individual. Social conditions are a prime factor in the developmental process.

Sociality is defined as having to do with human beings in their living together. Each individual goes through a transitory life span in which the person's self is constantly adapting to conform to their social acceptance. This is the development process we find.

Charles Jung was a psychologist who was known as being one of Feud's peers. He used a Personality structure that explained this developmental process. He considered it a closed system and it is undemanding to follow and understand.

This Personality structure shows the relationship held between each of its parts and their interactions within each other. This structure is the Psyche.

The Psyche is what is known as the complete Personality of an individual. It is composed mainly of the Consciousness, Personal Unconscious, and the Collective Unconscious. Each of these parts works not only individually but together also. The Psyche exists as a guide to the individual's social and physical environment.

Consciousness is mainly the recognition of aspects of life through the four mental functions that we use: thinking, feeling, sensing, and intuiting. Depending on which one is predominant, a person's Personality will be formed accordingly. Individuation is also a major part of the consciousness where they go together to form the Personality. A strong individual knows himself while a person oblivious of...