Psychic Surgery

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In the entire area of paranormal research today there is a great deal of controversy that swirls about psychic surgery. The question that comes to many people when studying psychic surgery is: "Is it possible that certain individuals can channel energy to the extent that they can literally part human flesh with a mere gesture, remove individual organs with there bare hands, then instantly rejoin the penetrated body without leaving a mark or scare." Many investigations on psychic surgery have taken place over the years, many of these find that the majority of psychic surgery is a fraud. Although there are cases were a positive result has come from it. Anyone thinking of experimenting with psychic surgery should also be aware of the dangers associated with it.

The psychic surgeon is that allows an spirit of intelligence to intervene and borrow his or her arms and hands for a time to perform surgical work on needy or deserving patients.

The uneducated people who perform these "miracles" refer to themselves as "healers". Their beliefs are basic to all the great religions, though some of the specific concepts are foreign to most westerners. Psychic surgery is an operation by which a medium practitioner opens the patients body without medical instruments, anesthesia or sterilization. The patient is conscience and feels no pain. The diseased tissue is removed and the incision is closed, all in a matter of minutes. Incisions heal immediately or in a few days. Patients notice little recovery time. The cells separate over the diseased area by the touch of the practitioners hands, diseased tissue rises to the surface as if it were magnetized, making it easy to remove. Psychic surgery might be more accurately described as cleansing the human body. Spiritual energy is used to enhance those parts of the...