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1. The movie opens in Phoenix, Arizona. The significance of the name is that is also the same as that of the mythological bird that would rise from its own ashes""a new life would come from death. From the death of his mother, Norman's life was over ran by his new life of mother in him.

2. References of family drama that exist in Sam's life is that of his monetary problems of his father's debts, and the alimony that he has to pay to his ex-wife.

3. The family drama there is in her co-workers life is that she takes tranquilizers that her mother gave her to help her get through he marriage.

4. In terms of city-life, Marion's boss, his client, and her co-workers represent the need for money in the city life. Her boss, co-worker, and even the client himself are amazed at the $40,000.

5. The first impression that we get of country life is that things seem to be calm and tranquil.

6. After Norman leaves for his umbrella, Marion overhears Norman arguing with his mother about where or not Marion is allowed to come up to the house.

7. Norman chooses cabin one for Marion for her to be close to him in case she needs something, but also because he is able to spy on her through a crack in the wall from his office.

8. Norman's hobby is taxidermy 9. Norman's mother was killed by Norman because he felt she was turning all of her attention toward the new man in her life.

10. The message of this movie is that within every person there lies different personalities, and the dominant one will win out.