A Psychoanalysis of Edgar Allan Poe

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Professor Neena Wells

English II

27 February 2014

Edgar Allan Poe: A Psychoanalysis

As humans, we all experience situations that can often times be quite challenging and hard to overcome. Issues that adults might find trying, are considerably difficult for children or adolescents to cope with. Edgar Allan Poe is one of the most influential authors in history. He is a prime example of a person who has been through many demanding, often tragic, events. People often wonder why he writes such dark entries, but a close psychoanalysis would easily explain his eccentric behavior.

To begin with, Poe was born into a very poor, lowly family. His standard of living was much lower than that of most families of his time. However, from a social standpoint, his family was significantly wealthy. Poe's biological grandfather was a famous revolutionary general, and his mother was of honorary importance in her profession.

He took great pride in his roots and the family from which he had come. However, his beloved father met his early untimely death due to consumption abuse and Poe's mother soon followed. His deceased parents had left him, only a three year old at the time, and his two siblings behind. Eventually, all three children were adopted, but by separate families. The siblings knew little of one another, and grew apart as they grew up.

It is said that his older brother, William, exhibited many of the same qualities as Poe did when they both grew up. William was extremely intelligent and quite passionate about his poetry. Yet, he still met the same inevitable fate that both of his parents did. When William was turned away and rejected by a woman whom he loved very much, he went out to sea to clear his scattered...