A psychoanalysis of Hamlet, sane or insane?

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William Shakespere's play Hamlet, can be read and interpreted in many ways, this is the case with most other texts, as they all have certain issues and values that the audience can identify with. The audience can make their own reading of Hamlet and have their own level of understanding, making the text a unique experience for everyone who views or reads it. The psychology of Hamlet is a reading of the play that has created many questions about whether hamlet is sane or insane. The audience can make their own conclusions on this matter by the way that they interpret his actions and characteristics. Psychology is the study of human behaviour and, psychoanalysis can prove people, or characters in the case of Hamlet, to be sane or insane, identify issues that the person is going through and perhaps find a feint history of a person by analysing their current circumstance.

Hamlet is a melancholic, procrastinating, but witty man whose age cannot be positively defined, but certain parts of the play suggest that he is a younger male of sixteen to his mid twenties. He is the prince of Denmark and his father; Claudius, who is the king's brother and prince Hamlet's uncle, has murdered King Hamlet. Hamlet's mother, Gertrude, has married Claudius only a few months after her first husband has been killed. Nobody else but Claudius knows that King Hamlet has actually been killed, it is not suspected that there has been a crime committed, this is the perfect situation for Claudius, as he has both the crown and King Hamlet's wife, which he has been lusting over for some time. It is only when a ghost appears in Elisnor, the Danish kingdom, that any order seems to be misplaced, as ghosts were often referred...