A Psychological Analysis and Recommendation for the three characters of The Glass Menagerie, Tom Laura and Amanda

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Laura: analysis

Laura is a very self-conscious person. She is very aware of her disability and believes others are very aware of it at well. She does not want to attract attention to herself because she thinks that people will notice her disability and make fun of her for it.

She has become so anti social that any social interaction with anyone makes her feel sick. She has become afraid of people. It has prevented her from making any sort of progression in life. She is too afraid to go to business school, and instead she takes walks all day, lying to her mother where she has been. When her mother finds out what she has been doing, she disappoints her.

She also has failed to make any friends and lives in a world of isolation. Her mother expects a gentlemen caller to come by each evening and Laura knows that no one is going to come and feels as if she disappoints her mother.

Her mother holds Laura up to expectations of her own childhood, and Laura knows she cannot fill in those shoes. Instead of becoming ambitious to take on the role her mother always hoped for her to take, Laura ends up isolating herself even more in self pity.

Perhaps the reason why she is so afraid of gentlemen callers if because her father left her. The first and about only male interaction she had went wrong. She repeatedly plays the records he has left behind and it must be a painful reminder of how he left her. She is afraid that any male she gets close to might leave her as her father has left her.

Instead of interacting with people and making friends, Laura spends her time with glass animal figurines. These have become...