Psychological Disorder Analysis

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Psychological disorders interfere with a person's ability to function normally in society. In Marla's case, she is a 42 year old Hispanic woman who suffers from anundiagnosed mental illness. Marla will be given a diagnosis that will help understand her mental illness, its causes, it symptoms, and some treatment methods that may be able to help Marla cope with her disorder. Marla came to the mental health clinic because shewas having trouble sleeping, feeling "jumpy all of the time," and an inability to concentrate. These symptoms are causing problems for her at work, where she is anaccountant. Before a diagnosis can be made, we need to know some things about Marla's lifestyle. The only background that is given about Marla other than her symptoms, is that she is 42 years old, Hispanic, female and her job title is an accountant. At first glance,Marla seems that she may be suffering from a general anxiety disorder based on sociocultural factors.

This is based solely on her symptoms alone. In order to learn moreabout Marla a clinical assessment needs to be made.

I asked Marla a series of questions regarding her symptoms, and to help better understand her. These questions are essentially Marla's clinical assessment. Theassessment is basically specific set of questions that is much like an interview process. By Marla answering the clinical interview questions, deeper information can be collected and treatment can begin. The questions that I asked Marla were; 1. How long have youbeen feeling this way? 2. How was your childhood growing up? 3. How are your relationships with your family members? 4. Is there a history of mental illness in yourfamily? 5. Have you had any traumatic or stressful event occur recently? 6. How do you get along with your coworkers? 7. Have you lost interest in things...