A psychological experiential paper about child/adult ADHD.

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Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is one of the most commonly diagnosed mental disorders among children. Although most diagnoses of ADHD are made for children, the description of ADHD does not limit the disorder solely to childhood. In fact, many adults are also diagnosed with the disorder too. The current theory holds that roughly 30%- 70% of children diagnosed retain the disorder as adults. (WebMD.Com) Even though the disorder may have not been diagnosed in a person during their childhood, it is thought that all adults with adult attention-deficit disorder had it during their infancy. (Psych Central) Hyperactivity and additional symptoms may be less obvious in adults with ADD/ADHD who have learned better managing skills and other forms of adaptive behavior than they had as children. I know that this is a disorder that is rather difficult to live with, as I have been living with ADHD for thirteen years. I have experienced both the adolescent version and the adult version of the disorder.

Testing for ADHD consists of multiple forms of evaluations. These evaluations include a ruling out of other possible disorders, like depression, anxiety, or psychosis. Rating scales can be given which represent measurements of the person's own view of their symptoms, as well as the views of parents, teachers, and significant others. Finally, computerized tests of concentration can lend a hand in providing a further independent assessment. These diverse evaluations may not be constant, but provide a view of the person's difficulties. Bias of the investigation can be compounded by the fact that physicians do not normally need to arrange psychological testing to make the diagnosis of ADHD. However, many doctors use this kind of evaluation to steer clear of over-diagnosis and treatment. For more of an objective diagnosis, PET scans, Neurometrics, or SPECT scans can be...