Psychological Shadow, what is the psychological shadow and an experience

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Psychological Shadow

What is a psychological shadow? My best definition of this gray subject is the undesirable values, beliefs, and personality traits that are held in our subconscious and acted through our conscious. Because these traits are undesirable and not operant to us they produce a sort of self-hate double standard we impose upon friends, family, and the world. Because we don't like the traits in our shadow when we see them in the other people we have no tolerance for them. The shadow is the traits we hate most about ourselves but have not yet realized their presence, and because of this we despise other people for the same traits.

One day I was on my way to meet with a friend and play some basketball. I was on the freeway traveling at about five miles over the speed limit. I was in no particular rush. I went to check my blind spot to change lanes when I saw what looked a flash of light.

This flash of light was some asshole in a Mustang going about twenty miles faster then I was. But what startled me the most was the last minute swerve around my car followed by a four-lane sweep he made in an attempt to make his exit. I immediately cursed him, "What a son of a bitch. He nearly killed us so that he could make his exit? Who des he think he is? He probably could have made the exit safely from behind me. What could be so important he would have to pull a move like that? I mean Where's the fire? He must think he owns the road just because he has a Mustang." I was absolutely disgusted with his selfish display of disregard for safety and courtesy on the road.