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Psychology Coursework What is the main aim of your experiment? The aim of my experiment is to see if the word you have used and the colour you have written it in will effect how long a participant takes to tell me what colour the words are written in.

What is the independent variable? The independent variable in my experiment is the type of word I use and the colour I chose to write it in. I will first write out 20 words on one sheet of paper and another 20 words on another sheet of paper, all the words I have written will be written in different colours. On the first sheet of paper there will be words like window, book, apple"¦. On the other sheet of paper will be names of different colours like red, blue, pink"¦. These will be in different colours as well but a name of a colour will never be written in that colour, e.g.

blue will be written in red.

What is the dependent variable? The dependent variable of my experiment is to see how long it takes a participant to read the first list and how long it takes them to read the second list.

What ethical considerations do you need to take in to account? The ethical considerations that I might need to think about are that the person I might go up to ask my question might be colour blind and me asking them this question might make them sad and angry. So that this does not happen I will go up to the people I want to experiment on and tell them about my experiment and tell them what they have to do. Other then this I will show the participant the results and talk to them...