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Psychology is the study of the human behavior and the idea is to basically identify the similarities and the happenings to bring out and study the similar kind of a pattern in behavior. Understanding Psychology, 6th edition, by Morris discusses this topic in some detail. The purpose of this paper is to study the social psychology and the way in which it can help us understand the human life and how to assess the problems faced by us.

Find out why it is barking. If it is barking to alert you to a potential danger, such as if there is a stranger at the gate, you should praise your dog. Let it know that you have things under control and instruct it to stop barking. In some instances, such as if a cat is sitting on the wall, you may have to remove the distraction to stop your dog barking.

A dog barking excessively can become a nuisance to your neighbors. It could disturb someone's sleep or affect his/her work or study. It is the owner's responsibility to ensure that his/her dog does not disturb others.

Your dog could also be barking because it has not been properly disciplined or socialized. A poorly disciplined or socialized dog is unlikely to listen to its owner. All dogs can be disciplined and made to behave if the owner can be firm and consistent. Negative reinforcement such as a scolding or a very firm scruffing of the neck may sometimes be needed. Some owners throw cold water on the dog to stop the undesirable behavior. Whichever method is used, it should not harm the dog.

When the dog barks say "Quiet" in an authoritative voice. This command means to stop barking. If the dog barks again, activate the negative reinforcer (throw a can...