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1. IntroductionAdvertising is already a big thing in human lives. We see advertisements everyday. Without it, we might have problems buying things, because we don't know what is new or what these things are. Cost of advertisement is already a big factor in selling products. It is nothing new that big companies have to engage in how to sell their products. Without showing the products to consumers, nobody is going to buy them, and selling products is the main purpose of companies. The problem of advertising today is clear. Consumers are overwhelmed by all kind of ads. No consumer has time to really deal with the product and for most consumers advertisement is not very authentic. All companies are faced with these problems, but how can they manage to influence consumers like they do today and why is advertisement so effective.

2. Objectives of advertisementThe main objective of companies is to show their product through advertisement.

They want people to buy their products, but they have different smaller objectives to reach their purpose. One of the first objectives of advertising is information. They want to give consumers information about products or present new products. They also tell consumers about advantages of their product and why it is better than the ones from other companies. A good example is a simple sign with the brand's name or product on it, or a TV ad where a person is pretending to have good experience with this product. Another objective is motivation. Companies want to motivate people to buy their product or to look into the subject. The next objective is socialization. They want to give specific groups of consumers values. Good examples are campaigns against drugs. After somebody bought a product, companies want the consumer to buy it again, so they use...