Is Psychology a Science?

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Janell Flores



Is Psychology a Science?

It seems logical for the answer to this topic to be "yes" because the literal definition of psychology is: "the scientific study of the human mind and its functions, especially those affecting behavior in a given context." (Merriam Webster) Basically psychology is a science in that it is defined by its research with proven naturalistic observations and case studies, but being that psychology takes on a broad spectrum of matter for it covers all sorts of human behaviors and reactions to different phenomena, I do not believe it is a most definite science. I don't think any discovery or theory can be absolutely set in stone and be set as definite for the human brain and life possibilities are extremely complex and infinite in number as to consider every single precedent.

I feel that, yes, psychology is an amazing and interesting science, but most of it truly comes down to deductive reasoning and observation through correlation patterns because no two humans will ever be exposed to the exact same occurrences.

I feel that even through much scientific advancement, there will always be that complete mystery in any given creature's psych because why is it that some people are more prone to or do develop things such as nervous tics or a full-on mental disorder? Even if some sort of reasoning is determined like being traumatically affected by an instance of abuse or insecurity, one can say many others have been through a similar case but do not obtain the same results of developing this psychological defect. And that's what I actually find so interesting about human psych, that how is it that one individual person can become so infatuated with their own tragedy to get to such a low point in their...