Psychotherapy How does psychotherapy works and how is it different from all other therapy.

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Psychotherapy is an emotionally charged confiding interaction between a trained therapist and someone who suffers a psychological difficulty. Just like what the definition had said, psychotherapy aimed to help people with psychological sufferance. Psychoanalysis believed that most psychological problems were start by childhood repressed impulses and conflicts. By bringing these repressed feeling into conscious awareness, the patients would feel better inside because they could look straight into the problems and deal with them. One way to bring up the repressed thoughts into conscious awareness is through the free association method. The process in which the patients are relax and talk their internal thoughts and feelings out loud.

Unlike psychotherapy theory, humanistic therapy focuses on the presents instead of the past. The humanistic therapist tends to focus on the conscious rather than unconscious thoughts. Both theories share a same method when the patients talk their feelings out loud and the clients listen.

Humanistic therapist uses person-centered therapy, in which the therapist focuses on the patient conscious self-perceptions rather than on their own interpretation as therapist. During the conversation with the clients, the therapist was encouraged to exhibit genuiness, acceptance and empathy, because these help the client feel accepted when they expressed their feeling. For example, in the conversation of the patient and the therapist in humanistic theory section, the client openly expressed her feeling to the therapist because the therapist exhibits empathy and acceptance.

Behavior and cognitive therapy are similar in the way of problems and negative thoughts effect the way people act. In behavior therapies, systematic desensitization, a type of counter conditioning that associates a pleasant relaxed state with gradually increasing anxiety-triggering stimuli was used. Beside the systematic desensitization the aversive conditionings has a opposite way was also used. For example, for this method the therapist giving a harmless...