Psychotherapy Timeline

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Psychotherapy Timeline

Ronda A Harrison


Tenth Century-

Ca. 900 - The concept of mental health was first born. It was also known as mental hygiene and was introduced by Ahmed ibn Sahl al-Balkhi. He believed that mental illness could have both psychological and physiological causes. Also in the same time frame Al-Razi Rhazes recognized the concept of psychotherapy.

Eighteenth Century -

Between 1770 and 1774 Johann Joseph Gassner and Frank Mesmer introduced the practice of hypnotherapy. Mesmer believed that natural forces were exerted by animals and those forces had healing powers. He had many followers and his theories were greatly practiced till about 1925. Today they are all but forgotten except for in some small countries. As for Gassner who was a Catholic priest who believed in hypnotherapy and exorcism. Gassner did not have as many followers as Mesner and they actually asked Mesner to help them disprove what Gassner was saying.

Twentieth Century -

1900 - Sigmund Freud published Interpretation of Dreams which marked the beginning of the Psychoanalytic thought. After writing the book Freud got together with some of his classmates and a few other doctors that he had worked with and a few mentors and formed the International Psychoanalytic Association or IPA. The IPA was formed to discuss ideas and conduct research and for Freud to further his ideas. Initially there were a handful of members but by 1908 there were 14 members including Carl Jung, Alfred Adler and John Breuer to name a few. However all was not well within the camp and 1911 Alfred Adler left the group. At that time Adler views had changed drastically from Freud's. Adler resigned his post as president of the IPA and started his own organization called Society for Free Psychoanalysis. Came...