Psycological Analysis of Adolf Hitler

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Hitler is certainly a very unstable child with a troublesome past. His childhood reflected most of the ideals he lived by in his own future...

His relationships with his family were very complicated... His father, Alois was a strict and cold man, and, despite Hitler loving his mother, Karla, she spoiled him. Karla died in December 1907 of cancer... Hitler became sincerely traumatized by his mother's death, and became overwhelmed with grief.

Since his school days, people said he was a "natural leader". Teachers said that he lacked self-discipline and that he was extremely lazy. Professor Eduard Humer (one of Hitler's teachers) actually said that he was "notoriously quarrelsome, wilful, arrogant and irascible". At school, he didn't try hard, as he thought that he was superior to everyone... He failed his examinations when he was 16.

Before the Great War, he liked listening to music, going to the Opera and reading...

He specially liked to read old magazines about war. This shows that, right since childhood, he'd always had a keen interest in war issues. He also loved painting; in fact, he candidated twice for an entrance in the Academy of Fine Arts, but was rejected both times.

Hitler never had any close friends or any close relationships. However, Rudolf Hess was considered as being Hitler's best friend; he was the deputy leader of the Nazi party. August Kubizek was the only friend Hitler had from his hometown of Linz... Kubizek described Hitler as a night owl who slept till noon, would go out for walks taking in all the sights, then stay up late discussing his ideas on everything from social reform to city planning.

He had a very honourable war record... He joined the army in Baravaria in August 1914, and he at last found a purpose...