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English 102-030



War is never being beautiful or amusing. War is not like how it is portrayed on TV. War will always be gruesome and will cause the loss of the many people that we loved. Everyone grieves over the lives that are lost, but what about the people that lived through it? How about the ones that have psychological problems? What about those who have physical and mental issues now due to the horrific things they have witnessed? People are often not informed of how important this problem is. This type of a mental disease known as PTSD can often be picked up through war. PTSD is a serious disease, it is a unique disease with critical effects and most people don't seek help for it, due to ridicule and shame.

After leaving the Marine Corp, I spent a most of my time just fighting, and having random emotionally erratic episodes.

I became attached to drinking and pain pills; I started to party more often and became bolder in my daily actives, trying dangerous stunts, such as speeding extremely fast swerving in and out of lines. My family and friends noticed an obvious change in me but were too worried to mention it to me because of my temper issues. At night, I would wake up screaming, shaking and sweating, taking a few minutes to realize where I was. While driving on the highway if I see a box in the road, my chest would become super tight and hard to breath. I would swerve out of the way thinking it is an IED. Not caring if I would collide into another car. PTSD is a serious issue that needs to be addressed.

Throughout history, war has been defined as a...