Puberty Blues.

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Puberty Blues is pure fantasy and twenty years on is even more irrelevant than ever. This movie is about two teenage girls coming of age and growing up on the surfing beaches just outside Sydney. Although the issues faced by the characters in the film are similar to those faced by today's youth, they are not portrayed in a way the film makes them out to be. The issues that this film looks at include drugs, teenage sex, alcohol and the influences that peer group pressure can have on a young person's life.

The storyline to Puberty Blues seems to address the issues that a young person goes through in life but it would be far more believable if it was looked at in a youth perspective instead of what seems to be from a adults point of view of the problems these girls faced.

This movie would be irrelevant for today's youth, as it is outdated in many ways such as the music, drugs, fashion, schooling, women's attitudes towards men, men's attitudes towards women, cars, and what teenagers do in their spare time.

The music has changed a lot since this movie was made and young people these days wouldn't appreciate the music as the young people did back then.

The drugs have gotten a lot worse in a way that there are more harsher drugs around such as heroin, cocaine, and speed where as back then there were mainly just marijuana, also drugs are more easily accessed most of the time nowadays.

Fashion has changed since then and the youth these days care a lot more about what they wear and the brand names on the clothing, whereas in the movie there were no brand names and no one got teased because of the...