Public Descrimination

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Imagine a society, in which an individual can walk the streets without being made fun of or called names because they dress or act differently. Imagine a society where a highschool teenager can turn on the television and not see a women being used as a possion in a rap vidio. Can a gay adult malego into a public place without the fear of being beat up or worse. The answet is no, there is an unfortunate tendency in our enciroment to fear what Im sure most dont understand. This fear leads to hate and hate in some cases leads to death. This country needs to creat lawys against descrimination.

Weither your black or white, male or female, catholic or jewish, gay or straight there will always be somone putting that comunity down. The old saying "Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me" is total false.

Even if a person doesnt react your words still do somthing to them. After your called somthing enough you start to think and believe it yourself.

Music draws alot of attention to younger audience but yet there is so much offiencsive material in it. Rap music is very popular but why if the artists are talking about shooting someone because they are gay or locking their wives and girlfriends in a trunk and throwing it off a bridge. But they say its entertainment. But not everyones laughing dancing or singing along.

When violence comes in the picture this is where someone really needs to take a stand. For example, when a jewish synagoge is set on fire and burnt to the ground by a KKK member or when a young college freshman gets beaten up and let to die in a open feild. All of these are examples of hate crimes which come out of discrimination. Open the news paper and pick out 10 violence related articles and one of those will be a hate or racial crime. A way to solve these unsufferable crimes is to give a insight to the highschool students and set up programs to keep them away from violence.

This law aginst discrimination needs to go into effect and quickly. People that make these hate crimes in highschool should be punished. Suspention will be issued if a student makes fun of another student because of color religion or anything in that region and if it gets worst a restraining order will be put on that student or students. Adults that make hate crimes should be put to restraining order fine or jail, and how long you stay in jail is determined on how bad the case. Wheither its on the radio, in the halls of your local highchool, or on the streets hate will be there unless someone takes action and someone will be me.