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Erik Daniels

Jan. 25. 2012

Observation paper #1

" An Evening With the Boy Scouts"

I decided for my observation to attend a local Boy Scouts meeting with my son who has

recently joined and that I have very little knowledge of. I have heard about their dedication to God,

Family and country, however it has been over twenty years since I have participated in any of their

meetings or events.

The night was started when I pulled into the parking lot of the neighborhood church they use for

meetings and was immediately taken back by the way people had parked. Some parents had parked in

actual parking spots while others just pulled up where-ever they would fit, blocking in the early arrivals

and blocking half the drive-way. Once I found a spot I could fit in, I made my way across the yard

when I noticed a rather large group of children were running and playing around on the playground

equipment ranging in age from about six up to 13.

At around 6:30 the group leader came out and called the boys in for the meeting and after about

ten minutes they were all inside. The meeting began with the older boys leading everyone in the

pledge of allegiance and followed with a short prayer. The troop leader then got up and addressed the

audience and handed out awards for members that had participated in a CPR class the week before.

They spent some time talking about what the troop had done over the past couple of weeks and

upcoming events covering what needed to be covered by then. Most of the children were behaving,

however there were some that cut up. One was on the floor beside his mom and sliding around the

floor in circles while his...