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The modern American educational system is filled with an assortment of problems. "What grade would you give to the American high school?" "By and large, the system gets an F," stated by Leon Botstein, Enough Already, from People Magazine, 7/21/99. It seems as though any time the topic of improving the American education system arises, so too do the tempers of many people. Clearly, issues such as the tragedy at Columbine High School, dealing with parents divorcing, alcohol and drug use amongst teens, greater instances of bullying from peers, and new standards for graduation, leave today's student with challenges beyond just studying for a quiz the next day. Yes, every generation of students have faced challenges outside of the classroom, however it is not fair to expect today's students to succeed without developing an educational strategy that addresses the aforementioned issues with which these students must deal.

More so than at any other time in the history of our education system students are carrying emotional baggage onto the school bus with them each day, and focusing on academic pursuits has become secondary for far too many kids. The current high school system has many problems that have been virtually ignored and led to emotional unstable and academically unprepared students. To correct these problems, the school system should be modified by requiring parental involvement, reducing the size of high school classrooms, and enforcing strict discipline standards.

First of all, high schools should mandate a minimum of twenty parent volunteer hours per year to ensure that parents are actively involved in their child's education. This program will be designed to: help parents develop skills and foster conditions at home that support learning and provide parents with the knowledge of techniques designed to assist children in learning at home. Secondly,