Public Management – A Three Dimensional Approach

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Imagine yourself in your workplace, with managers, co-workers and the environment in which it all takes place. This workplace setting, in my opinion, can easily be likened to the three dimensional approach to public management, which we have been covering in our text and class lectures. Managers, or supervisors, of the organization can be likened to the structure element of the three dimensional approach because of their responsibilities in delegating work and the overseeing of projects. One's co-workers may make up the second element of the paradigm: the culture dimension. Each employee contributes a unique set of values, morals, and has a different work ethic to the workplace melting pot. A good manager will ensure that the personalities involved in this setting are conducive to a healthy work environment . Finally, the last element of the three dimensional approach, craft, is how the employees are guided and influenced by public managers to accomplish organizational goals.

With the right encouragement and incentives from managers who possess great leadership skills, employees can do exemplary work and that is why I believe that craft is the most effective dimension discussed in the book.

The main purpose of the book is to introduce the three dimensional approach to public management. These dimensions are the structure, culture and craft. Structure is "the formal and lawful delegations of responsibilities to designated officials and organizations." (p. 2) Culture includes ones norms, values and standards in order to carry out its lawful responsibilities. Finally, there is the craft dimension, which I believe is the more important dimension. Craft is the manager's attempts to influence the performance of the organization, by doing so the true signs of a leader are seen. Analyzing the three dimension approaches utilizes the skills, abilities, and goals of managers in creating successful leaders...