Public Morality: What Are the Limits?

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Crimes against public morality has been the topic for discussions through out the years, it seems that as we become a more open minded society the issue of morality becomes more apparent. Morality can have different meanings for different people especially in different cultures. ""What one wants to invent or consider or find is the profound meaning of morality and goodness which is with us all the time and has been with us all the time, but now has different names..." (Kaletsky, 1992). What seems moral to some may not be perceived the same way by others. This is why it is so difficult for some to adhere to these moral issues. A good example can be prostitution in the early days it was not seen as a crime to receive or to give sexual services for a fee. It was seen as just another line of work chosen by the person.

According to today's society prostitution is immoral therefore illegal. ""States continue to prosecute all sorts of crimes by adults 'in matters pertaining to sex:' Prostitution, adult incest, adultery, obscenity, and child pornography. Sodomy laws, too, have been enforced 'in the past half century,' in which there have been 134 reported cases involving prosecutions for consensual, adult, homosexual sodomy." (Jonas, 2003)The question is who decides what is moral or not? And even if it is immoral to some people why should everyone obey these rules? These are some of the thoughts that come to mind when discussing morality. One of the reasons why prostitution is illegal is the increasing number of people infected with sexual transmitted diseases. This is not just a burden on the willing participants, but also for their spouses who would end up being infected. We as a society can sometimes pay a price...