Public Relation Campaign Strategies.

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In an effort to build media relations and generate publicity for Kraft Foods, H.A.R.K. (Hallett, Atkins, Rouse, Krumm) Public Relations is proposing the following strategies for a PR campaign. These strategies will include the listing the objectives and developing a tactical plan using a variety of tools.

Objectives of PR Campaign.

When developing the objectives for the Kraft Foods public relations campaign, our company first considered the overall goals of the organization. The primary objective of this PR campaign is to prepare and promote minorities to mid and upper level management positions within the United States. Kraft believes that it is crucial that a corporate culture enables a diversified workforce to feel comfortable and creative, and to reach their potential. The promotion of these employees into top management will help guarantee the competitive edge that Kraft already has. Our objective is improvement-oriented. Kraft is a leader at diversity in the workplace.

Currently 18% of the salaried exempt positions were held by people of color. Efforts will be made to improve in this area to 25%. Although minorities have made great strides into middle-management and upper-management positions, there is still a disproportionate amount of white men holding positions at the executive level.

Our objectives will be measurable and attainable. Our PR campaign will measure the number of minorities in management positions prior to implementation, and then we will measure the number one year after the implementation. Another measurement tool will be employee satisfaction surveys. These will also be conducted both before implementation and one year after implementation.

Identify the Organization's Publics.

The external publics for the Kraft Food Corporation would include community relations, consumer relations, media relations, and government relations. Kraft believes in giving back to the community in which it does business. Kraft contributes to several charitable causes that...