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XXX-XXX, Inc. hopes to expand into the global market by introducing its Terra Block Machine to the country of Sri Lanka. Known as the hub of South Asia, this country was one of the countries devastated during the recent tsunami. The Terra Block machine can be instrumental in rebuilding the damaged community infrastructure in the villages that were hardest hit. Long-term, XXX-XXX hopes to take advantage of Sri Lanka's regional value to distribute this product to other countries in Southeast and lower Southwest Asia.

Public Relations Strategy

To be effective, the public relations professional must understand the business goals of his or her organization and be able to tie PR goals to the attainment of business goals, ensuring the PR goals are realistic and measurable. The PR professional must have an evaluation program in place in order to measure the effectiveness of the program or campaign.

The objectives of any public relations campaign are to support the business goals of the organization the campaign is associated with.

Mitchell Friedman suggests there is a possibility that PR objectives can be considered generic and bland if these objectives are posed in general terms. Therefore, an organization's objectives must be specific. He further states, "an objective is a milestone measuring progress toward a goal," and goes on to say that, "a milestone must be absolutely clear in its intent and easy to measure" (Friedman, 2001, 5).

In the case of objectives, wishing (or simply calling something an objective) will not make it so. An objective must 1) specify a desired outcome, 2) directly specify one or several target audiences, 3) be measurable, both conceptually and practically, 4) refer to "ends", not "means" and, 5) include a time frame in which the objectives are to be achieved (Anderson and Hadley, 1999, 12).