Public Relations in Action

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Every organization today, whether it is large or small, profit or non-profit, needs to have a Public Relations (PR) team in order to run smoothly and effectively. Non-profit organizations such as, Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA), Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), and Big Brothers Big Sisters International (BBBS) are three organizations that use effective PR in order to run a successful organization and help the community in many ways.

PR in Action


A company cannot function properly without the proper uses of a public relations (PR) team. In order to function properly, the PR team must take the necessary steps in order to serve the public and their organization effectively. The PR team needs to study their "comprehensive list of publics and identify each priority public that is especially pertinent to" the project they are setting out to accomplish (Chapter 5 p91). With careful consideration in choosing three organizations that will show effective PR, I have chosen the following organizations, YMCA, MADD, and BBBS International and will describe how these organizations identify their publics and use the organization effectively.

Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)

The YMCA is a non-profit organization founded in London, England on June 6, 1844 by a man named George Williams. "He and a group of fellow drapers organized the first YMCA to substitute Bible study and prayer for life on the streets." (YMCA, 2004) The YMCA's main priority public at the time was the young men that were involved in the "unhealthy social conditions arising in the big cities at the end of the Industrial Revolution." (YMCA, 2004) These men worked long hard hours and slept in their place of employment. Being away from their families was hard on these men and Williams decided that he would establish an organization for these...