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The Body Shop International PLC is a skin and hair care products manufacturer and retailer. Its now operating in 47 countries with over 1500 outlets spanning 24 languages. There is over 400 products and over 400 accessories sold in the stores.

The Body Shop was established by Ms. Anita Roddick in 1976. It started from a small shop in Brighton on the South Coast of England, with only around 25 hand-mixed products on sale. The Body Shop rapidly evolved from one small shop to a worldwide network of shops.

The company interests in the market for naturally based products with minimal packaging. It introduces a generation of consumers to the benefits of a wide range of best sellers from Vitamin E Cream to Tea Tree Oil, from Banana Shampoo to Aloe Vera Lotion.

For more information of The Body Shop, please refer to the attachments:

" History & Milestones " and " Annual Results 1999 "

General goals of The Body Shop

1.Keep the business to the pursuit of social and environmental change

2.Ensure the business is ecologically sustainable

3.Balance the financial and human needs of all its publics

4.Ensure care, honesty, fairness and respect to the publics

5.Rapid responses to public's opinions

PR Objectives of The Body Shop

One of the aims of the company's PR is to build up good relationship and concerning image to all its publics. The PR of the company informs the public that their products and services are care and benefit to them.

The other objective of its PR is to show the company is respecting to the communities in which it operates. To expand this idea, the shop is active in environmental and social campaigns

What does its PR care about?

1)Human Relationships

As being a stakeholding...