Public Relations Campaign: Overview Paper

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IntroductionPublic Relations are about building relationships with a targeted audience through communicating an organization's objectives (Lattimore et al, 2004, pg 5). Under ideal circumstances the task is straightforward, research what the needs of society are, develop a plan to address these needs and communicate the action plan to influence behavior of the audience (Newsom et al, 2004, pg 2).

Social responsibility and business operations are not always seen as relative (Newson et al, 2004, pg 14). The focus of public relations is the good of society instead of the organization's interests (pg 14). Often seen as a problem solving profession, public relations encourage adjustments by organizations and the public through dialogue (pg 16). Change is often the root cause of these adjustments (Newson et al, 2004, pg 4).

Public Relations IssueOperating on the Internet is important for organizations as the Internet allows a business to communicate more effectively with their public.

"The impact of the Web on public relations practice has been phenomenal" (Seitel, 2004).

Security issues are a rising concern among companies that operate in the global marketplace. "Protection of patient's confidentiality is a basic requirement for ethical and legal use of information technology in healthcare informatics systems" (Al-Salqan, 1998).

The issue faced by Patton-Fuller's public relations team is the growing concern over the organization's security on company website. With a rise in identity theft the organization must address what measures the company is taking to protect the records of the patients. Issues that need to be addressed are security with two-way communication between patients and doctors in addition to financial information that is shared for billing and payments.

By making the website's security features known, the company will be able to promote security as a priority and gain increased trust and confidence from the public. According to...