Public Relations Campaign Strategy.

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In developing a public relations campaign strategy, those responsible for the campaign's success must answer a number of critical questions. First and foremost among the questions to be addressed: What specifically is the campaign's objective? Once the objective has been clearly defined further decisions can be made in regard to defining the campaign's public, developing crisis and tactical plans, evaluating the business implications of the PR campaign, and identifying potential benefits and risks associated with the selected strategy.


Not having clearly defined objectives makes moving forward with subsequent campaign components very difficult. In regard to Harley Davidson's campaign to support mandatory helmet legislation, four objectives have been identified:

- Save lives

- Change attitudes

- Reduce insurance costs

- Reduce health care costs

The most important objective of this campaign is to send the message that helmets save lives and that nothing is more important to Harley Davidson than the safety of their customers.

Statistics will be provided to illustrate the disparity in injuries between those riders involved in accidents who were wearing helmets as opposed to those who were not. Another objective of the campaign will be to change the attitude of those riders who are adamantly opposed to wearing

helmets. Harley Davidson understands that a fringe element of their customer base still clings to the image of the Harley rider as a free spirit, individualistic and apart from the status quo. To them wearing a helmet is tantamount to joining the establishment, surrendering another decision that should be left to the individual. The final two campaign objectives appeal to the customer's pocketbook. Harley Davidson understands that insurance and health care premiums are an ongoing concern with their customers. The company will work in concert with major insurance carriers throughout the country toward developing a partnership that...