Public Relations Campaign Strategy for fictional computer company trying to take over lead market share.

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The public relations campaign's overall objective is to promote the transition of a portion of Bell Computers customer service functions to a 24-hour call center located in India. The campaign will focus on the projected benefits attainable in reducing operational costs and improving the quality of customer service provided.

Bell Computers recognizes the concerns of internal employees and local communities in moving a portion of their operations to a foreign country. The company's shareholders need assurance that the transition is a practical business decision that will maintain and ultimately increase Bell Computers market share. The political and community leaders in India, as well as the potential employee market must recognize the benefits that the transition will have on their local economy.

The public relations campaign design will center on increasing current and potential customer awareness of Bell's commitment to provide quality customer service. The current Bell customers will receive promotional materials advising them of the improved services to meet their demands for quality customer service.

The overall campaign will consider the appropriate techniques to address the segmented concerns of Bell Computer's internal, external, and marginal publics. Informational, marketing and promotional materials, as well as organized events, developed for each public sector will promote the organizational and public relations objectives.

To ensure that the campaign efforts are effective Bell Computer will monitor responses provided from surveys of customers. The company will conduct comparisons reports of the survey results of the new operations center against the results of current customer service operations. The company will pose survey questions to receive responses concerning the accuracy, professionalism, and length of time required to respond to customer service requests.

The Bell Computer management and directors will review customer surveys, and financial reports to ensure that the organization fulfills their goals. The...