Public Relations Managing a Crisis

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Managing a Crisis Using Public Relations

"Managing a Crisis using PR" simulation illustrates the use of public relations to develop a public relations plan and how to use various tools to manage a crisis. The simulation also helps the reader to formulate strategies to manage a crisis and make the most effective decisions and use the best PR tools to communicate with the publics. The following questions deal with how I dealt with the crisis facing American Wattage Corporation, who is the main focus of the simulation (Seitel, 2004).

Proactive Planning

As public relations professionals it is important to understand the function of proactive planning. Proactive planning allows for an organization to be prepared "just in case" an incident occurs. It is fire prevention as opposed to putting out fires. It gives an organization time to formulate calculated responses to a variety of probably scenarios. An organization must have a proactive crisis management plan as soon as it has an initial business plan. It should be embedded in the first stage of business planning. During an event of crisis; time is always of the essence and having a proactive plan means that a company does not need to waste valuable time preparing a plan (Seitel, 2004).

Feedback and Deployment

The feedback mechanism I would develop includes setting up systems for polls and surveys. This would identify current attitudes and also track changes in attitude. Knowing what the relevant publics think of a company's product or image will determine what message is sent out in all promotional activities. I would also create a fact finding team to ensure that the company does not have to depend on the media or unreliable sources of information.

Some things I would not integrate are setting up a group of expert and systems...