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Public Relations

Liz Orona

University of Phoenix


Charles Shillingburg

August 16, 2011




The definition of public relations varies between professionals and industries. In 1975, there were more than 472 definitions (Seitel, 2007). "In 1988, the Public Relations Society of America formally adopted the following definition of public relations: Public relations helps an organization and its publics adapt mutually to each other," (Seitel, p. 4, 2007). The personal definition is similar to the one above. Public Relations is how one deals effectively with the perceptions, positive and negative, given to the public to promote a product, individual, or organization. This is a broad definition. A comparison of several definitions from varying professionals and their view of "public relations" that are more definitive.

A Public World Without Public Relations

Nikolay Nayden, an Associate Professor of Politics at the Sofia University takes a slightly different perspective and defines public relations as:

The internal logic of public/political interactions differentiates three levels of public relations: (1) relations among public institutions themselves; (2) relations between citizens and public institutions, directly or indirectly mediated by collective entities - parties and other organizations; and (3) relations between single individuals who communicate as strangers, where everyone plays the role of the Other as a personification of a particular region, group, culture, or civilization (p.


Nayden indicates the general public is the only subject without a professional to keep its best interest intact. Nayden gives clarity to the audience of public relations. The different entities allow public relations to serve as the connection to develop relationships with an organization and the public. The ability to focus on the audience is key to creating a meaningful and...