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REACTION PAPER FOUR Public Education in Latin America Latin America: Regional Studies Series, Athey, pg.85-86 Submitted By: Class: Hum 2461 Latin America Date: February 14, 2002 A. Summary: Latin America has a vast growing education system. Most of the Central and South American countries have established a 12-year school program. This 12-year program is divided into 2 mayor-schooling years. Six of these years are primary school, which features grades Kindergarden-5 and is known as " Kinder" and "Escuela", and the second half is known as the secondary years, which feature the years 6-12 and it is known as "Colegio." The regular year of a Latin American student starts from March to November, and then vacation falls on December, January, and February. School hours are held from 7:00 A.M to 12:00 P.M, then another school time beginning from 1:00 P.M to 6:00 P.M. students often attend school on an average of six days a week.

Most of the funding comes from the countries government, which is called the ministry of public education. This executive board makes most of the decisions that affect the primary and secondary schools, and it is by this board that all students must pass official examinations prepared by the ministry. It is by law that all students in Latin America must attend school. But it is estimated that only about one half of the students in most countries attend school, manly concerning factors that include anywhere from poverty, to helping to support their families by working in fields and many other low profile jobs.

B. Critique: The writer does seem to present his ideas very clearly, obviously the author of this book has studies Latin America quite adequately, because some of the types of problems that address why some students in Latin America cannot attend school are...