Public Schools & Private Schools

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Most people think private schools are far superior to public schools, but that may not be so.

I have a different viewpoint in the direction of Public Schools. I consider Public school education is just as high-quality as Private Schools. I experienced that the students are better-rounded, both scholastically and worldly, when in public schools. As a public school graduate, I feel that I have been exposed to all types of diversity and situations that have made me better adapted for the real world.

Whereupon being enrolled in a public school, I was faced with many real outside world problems which are experienced with a different blend of students each year. The High School I attended in my junior and senior year I experienced a widespread ethnic society.

While attending a public school, children view the wide spread cultures and human beings that make up today's American society. In my opinion, Public schools have a wider variety of classes, which give students an opportunity to choose the curriculum they want.

These classes permit students to pursue a career from the knowledge they have obtained. For instance, one might take a business class, which might lead to a career in the business industry.

We see that children in public schools often come out with a similar quality of education as private school students while being in a more diverse environment and coming out more well rounded. Public schools seem to better prepare students for the real world as opposed to just academic challenges which private schools gear towards.

I have been influenced throughout my life by wonderful teachers. My Public School teachers taught me that I could be anything I wanted to be. They taught me that it was important to do well in school so that I could grow...